TNF has a new editorial team!

, by TNF Editorial Board

TNF has a new editorial team!

It is with great pleasure that we introduce our two new editors-in-chief.

Dvir Aviam Ezra is our new senior Editor in Chief. He is a PhD student for law and economy at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. He is Dutch-Israeli and focuses on geopolitics, international trade, peacbuilding, and memory culture. Lawyer by profession working on international capital markets and sustainable finance, he is part of the Sylke Temple Journalistic research fellowship and has wrote pieces for major publications such as Politico, Der Spiegel and the Guardian. He did his Bachelor and Master at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and studied for a year in China.

Dvir served as the policy officer of JEF Belgium and was a board member of TNF in the last mandate. He also takes part in PC3 meetings and policy work in general. When he is not busy talking about federalism to the annoyance of his friends you can find him reading a good sci-fi book or having a beer at the local German bar (kneipe).

You can reach Dvir at dvir.ezra at

Antonios Tashejian is our new junior Editor-in-chief. He is a writer and researcher in nationalism(s), power and trauma, mass atrocities and genocide, cultural resistance, belonging and identity-formation. He has lived and studied in Beirut, Paris, Exeter, London, Yerevan and Prague before moving to Bordeaux, where he is currently based.

Antonios is currently writing his Masters thesis in geopolitics on Armenian-Israeli relations. He has a background in the history of the Middle East, particularly the Levant, Anatolia and South Caucasus. He has also worked as a freelance analyst on geopolitical dynamics particularly concerning Lebanon and Armenia, and issues regarding EU-Middle East relations. He has been involved with Amnesty International and JEF Czechia, and is currently a member of JEF Bordeaux. He spends hours discussing history, philosophy and (geo)politics over coffee, preferably at cafés with exposed bricks, plants, oriental rugs and free tap water, with friends, acquaintances and anyone willing to listen.

You can reach Antonios at antonios.tashejian at

We are excited and honored to help at TNF. We hope to to increase TNF visibility and outreach across all platforms and welcome all article contributions, translating and proofreading services throughout our term.

Please reach out if you need any information, or would like to join TNF in different capacities!

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