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Europe has been shocked yet again by another callous, cold, and calculated attack on its values and its freedom. To the people of Paris, all that we can say is that we are sorry, and that we remain united.

We at the TNF are deeply saddened about what has taken place. For the second time in one year, Paris is having to come to terms with another tragedy, and so too is Europe as a whole. Discussions about security vs liberty, about multiculturalism, about all kinds of things, are going to be brought out in the coming days. However, for now we are to grieve for those who lost their lives while enjoying their Friday evenings, and we show solidarity to our fellow humans.

Rather than us reiterating the same lines, we encourage all members of our Federalist community to send in their messages of support, their thoughts, and their feelings, and we can keep them all safe and all together on this page. We will not forget.

There will be a statement from the Executive Board of JEF Europe published here on TNF this afternoon. In the meantime, take care everyone.

JEF in Armenia:

JEF in Belgium:

JEF in France:

JEF in Germany:

JEF in Italy:

JEF in Montenegro:

JEF in the Netherlands:

JEF in Portugal:

JEF in Spain:

Al menos 40 muertos en múltiples tiroteos y explosiones. Nuestra solidaridad con el pueblo parisino.

Posted by JEF Spain on Friday, 13 November 2015

JEF in Turkey:

Pariste yaşanan terör saldırısını kınıyoruz! Saldırı sonucu hayatını kaybedenlerin yakınlarına başsağlığı ve sabır...

Posted by Genç Avrupalılar Derneği - JEF Turkey on Saturday, 14 November 2015

JEF in the United Kingdom:

Our thoughts are with Paris and all French people tonight. Unity will always beat terror.

Posted by Young European Movement UK on Friday, 13 November 2015

Today is a black and sad day.Not only security has been attacked in its very heart in Paris, but the whole "Liberté,...

Posted by Young European Movement London on Saturday, 14 November 2015

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  • On 14 November 2015 at 15:30, by JEF CRETE-UEF CRETE Replying to: #WeAreUnited

    Dear French people, our thoughts of solidarity, from all the federalist members from Crete. Democracy,european identity, unity, our values. Vive La France.


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