What’s Up JEF

, by Valentin Dupouey

What's Up JEF

Welcome to a new What’s up JEF column. We’ll try to concisely keep you informed about what’s happening in JEF, what’s happening and how you can get engaged.

Italian Elections reaction Worrying results after the Italian elections. Read what we think about it!

#DemocracyUnderPressure JEF stands for the defense of democracy, peace and the rule of law. We canno afford to be lenient in times when democracy is under threat from all sides. Our sections will organise street actions and other activities to raise awareness all across Europe to the new threats to democracy.

Fight back! The second seminar of our 2018 thematic cycle of seminars on the defense of democracy is opened. We’ll head to Iena in May to discuss how to protect NGOs and how to communicate in a hostile environment.

Strong associations This year we are organising again four trainings in Brussels to develop the competences of our activists, leaders, volunteers to run sustainable, well-governed and active associations. You can still register for the next training on April 6-8th.

Board meeting in Brussels The Executive Board of JEF Europe met in the last days of February for their first meeting of 2018. Lots of important decision taken, long working hours, and a new Secretary General for JEF Europe was selected! More to come soon.

We are hiring! Two positions are open to join the JEF Europe Secretariat in Brussels. Policy officer and European Voluntary Service. Apply soon!

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