Winners of the European Press Prize announced in Warsaw

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Winners of the European Press Prize announced in Warsaw
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At a ceremony held at the headquarters of the Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper in Warsaw, the winners of the European Press Prize were announced on Thursday. In addition to four award categories, a special award was handed to the Forbidden Stories network of journalists.

In the keynote speech of the ceremony, the former Le Monde executive editor Natalie Nougayrède spoke about the need for pan-European media. Perhaps fittingly on the first day of voting in the European elections, she criticised the fact that newspapers are still too nation-based.

The recipient of the Special Award, the Forbidden Stories network, has a decidedly international vocation. The network publishes and supports the work of journalists who are being silenced and threatened across the world.

Winners in four prize categories

The other categories were Opinion, Investigative Reporting, Innovation, and Distinguished Reporting. The winner in each category was awarded a prize of €10,000.

The winner of the Opinion category, The Guardian’s Madeleine Schwartz, argues that the notion of a transatlantic alliance has for a long time been a myth. The winners of the Investigative Reporting award, Christo Grozev, Roman Dobrokhotov and Daniel Romein writing for Bellingcat, researched the background of the suspects in the Sergei Skripal poisoning affair.

Work nominated in the Innovation category ‘challenged the current boundaries of journalism’. The winners Guillermo Abril and Carlos Spottorno told the story of Palmyra, Syria after years of civil war, using various formats including those of photo reportage and graphic novel. The work was published by El País Semanal and by Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin.

The winners in the Distinguished Reporting category, Katrin Kuntz, Marian Blasberg and Christoph Scheuermann for Der Spiegel, described a Honduran mother and son separated from each other at the American border.

The New Federalist’s Radu Dumitrescu nominated in the Opinion category

The New Federalist’s Radu Dumitrescu was nominated in the Opinion category for his piece, Use Article 7 against my country. In the opinion piece, he argued that it is not treasonous but patriotic for Romanian MEPs to expose the corruption in their government. At age 23, Radu Dumitrescu was one of the youngest-ever nominees for the prize that has been awarded since 2013.

“I was extremely honoured to be on the shortlist and to be in Warsaw with the best journalists in Europe, especially before the elections which will decide the EU’s future. It’s up to us to keep Europeans informed, and we can do so through quality journalism”, Radu Dumitrescu said.

All the 23 pieces of journalism nominated for the 2019 award can be read on the European Press Prize website.

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