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If you want to become an active contributor of TNF, be it as an author, translator or editor don’t hesitate to contact our Editors-In-Chief, Madelaine Pitt and Guillermo Íñiguez, at tnf at jef.eu.

The New Federalist is open to all articles tackling issues relating to Europe or the European Union. Potential writers are encouraged to contact TNF with proposed topics. Please submit 150-word pitches outlining the topic of your article or main argument. Please do not submit full articles.

Guidance for article-writing:

1. Short, clear sentences and paragraphs that do not go beyond 4-5 lines.

2. Articles should range between 700 and 1,200 words.

3. Include subheadings: makes articles easier to read.

4. Find an article image: horizontal, 900+ px wide, not copyrighted

5. If you are a new writer, you may send us a picture of yourself (passport format) and the title you would like to have next to your name (i.e. Member of JEF Belgium; University Student; etc).

Want to translate instead? Feel free to!

Join our groups of contributors & translators on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/TNFWriters/


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