Young European Federalists demand: “Don’t Touch My Schengen!”

, by JEF Europe

Young European Federalists demand: “Don't Touch My Schengen!”

The non-partisan youth NGO Young European Federalists (JEF-Europe) is concerned about a possible end of the Schengen Agreement. This is why JEF-Europe has launched a European-wide street and social media campaign under the motto “Don’t Touch My Schengen!”, starting today. The social media campaign has already achieved a social reach of over one million users.

Travelling across EU internal borders without having to apply for a visa - what nowadays can be considered as granted, deserves more attention as one of the greatest achievements of the European Union, argues JEF Europe.

“The problem is that Member States cannot find common solutions in the intergovernmental system of the EU. These national decisions have merely been calculated on a short-term effect”, argues Jacopo BARBATI, Board member of JEF Europe and Coordinator of the action. “In contrary to what is happening nowadays, the issue at hand demands a common answer from Europe”. JEF Europe demands the development of a single EU external border policy, wherein migrants are sufficiently identified and their asylum requests are properly analysed, backed by single EU asylum and foreign policies. BARBATI continues: “It is vital to overcome the Dublin Regulation and the intergovernmental logic to steer European politics to calmer waters. In the meantime - dear national governments and European Council: Don’t Touch My Schengen!”.

The campaign will conclude on February 6, when activists and supporters in dozens of cities throughout the whole Europe will demonstrate their support for the freedom of movement on the streets, calling on their governments and the European Council to formulate and implement a common response to the issue.

Support can also be voiced on social media, using the hashtag #DontTouchMySchengen. Its centrepiece, a Thunderclap campaign, has already gathered hundreds of supporters with a potential audience of more than one million people. “The reactions we have received have been positive and show us that citizens have been waiting for a chance to voice their support for Schengen. The message will be posted on February 6. Until then, we invite citizens show their support for Schengen and join the Thunderclap”, explains BARBATI.

JEF Europe and its 30.000 members are active in more than 35 European countries in advocating for a democratic, and federal Europe. The organisation’s history knows many actions in favour of free movement in Europe, most notably an action in 1950 during which toll bars between France and Germany were burnt down.

### CONTACT INFORMATION Mr. Jacopo Barbati (Board member JEF Europe & Coordinator of “Don’t Touch My Schengen”) jacopo.barbati at

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